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Welcome to the Avalon wiki!

This is the front page of the Avalon wiki. You will find links to the major concepts, regions, factions, etc. that define our setting. It’s going to be fairly sparse until I get bored enough to begin transferring all of the written material to this page, so hold tight!

The Setting

I’ve written a one page summary of the Avalon campaign setting following the format from Wizard’s 2002 Setting Search. This was a fun exercise to focus and consolidate the fantasy puke scattered across my notebook.

World History

Here is some background detailing the formation and sundering of the planet Paralogos, of which Avalon is a shard. As interesting at this background information is, there seems to be little effect on the game, or possibility for your PC to discover such facts. With my focus on exploration in this setting, I’ll see if I can remedy that.


The nature of the cosmos in which we play. This information is for your out-of-character reading pleasure. While some of the major events that have/will happen do so because of the nature of reality, your PC would most likely be unaware of the underlying physics and magic of such-and-such event. I wonder what they would do if they discovered these mechanizations and how would they use them?


This should give you an idea of when certain era-defining events happened in relation to each other. You can find the calendar for the year our game takes place here.

Factions and Organizations


The inhabitants of Avalon have a long and varied past, though most knowledge is lost to the ages or some particular catastrophe. In general, people band together for safety and live in cultural center’s that align with their beliefs and proclivities. This leads to most cities having a strong majority of one race, though exceptions certainly exist.

The Council of Animalia

The leaders of the civilized world met 31 cycles ago to sign a non-aggression pact and set a standard language, coin, and calendar. A second meeting 8 cycles ago assigned a civil tithe (paid by city-state governments) to ensure financial stability for the various institutions created by the council, including the Adventurer’s Guild, the Traveler’s Guild, and the Council Steward’s salary.

The Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurer’s guild dates back to before the Council of Animalia. The guild is an organization that supports the activities of those brave souls who wish to lend a hand in the relentless battle against the wild beasts and terrors of the land.

The Traveler’s Guild

Officially founded at the first Council of Animalia, the Traveler’s Guild organizes trade caravans and various ranges of travel between cities. Your local guildoffice will recommend escorted wagons for trips closer than 2 days travel over land and a seaworthy ship for further distances. Special trips can be arranged at additional cost.

The Chaos Cult

A benign church for everyone, based on the philosophy of absurdism, the Chaos Cult offers temporary respite from the darkness for those who need it. Nobody knows what the organization’s highest leaders use their power for, but many a commoner has found shelter from the Black Rain within the depths of a Chaos Temple Grotto.

The Deep Cult

The cursed followers of The Old Voice. The Cult of the Deep has grown more prominent in the decades since the eruption of Moira. Rumors of hooded figures kidnapping vagrants and children are heard across the land and in every city.

Regions and locales

Mountains and Hills

Geological Features



Points of Interest


These organizations and creatures are considered to have sapience and are generally peaceful. Though they are not participating members in the Council of Animalia, they often have strong trade and defense relationships with nearby city-states.


Regions and creatures denoted as wild are considered sapient and potentially hostile. They often work alone towards their goals, but may occasional develop positive albeit temporary partnerships with other groups.


Barberous creatures, while showing signs of sapience generally act hostile toward those viewed as outsiders from the perspective of their society.


This catagory contains the rest of Avalon’s inhabitants. These creatures and regions follow their own mechanations without regard for their neighbors and are known to be extremely hostile. Armed with background knowledge and careful diplomacy, adventurer’s have been known to coerce cooperation from some beasts.


The Black Rain

The Edge Sea

Chaos Rifts

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