3 billion cycles ante shatter (cas) – Formation of planet. An earth-like planet forms out of the dust and is rapidly bombarded with life-sustaining elements for millions of cycles.

2b cas – Appearance of coherent life-forms. Single cell life dominates the surface for many eons before the conditions are right and multi-cell animals and plants quickly populate the globe.

100m cas – Life-forms adopt culture and heritage systems. Most animal branches of the life-tree develop sentient consciousness in one shape or another.

50k cas – Introduction of magic. Most history of the time before magic is lost to the ages, but the event known as the salt-rain is rumored to have introduced the world to the wonders of magic and sent an invitation to The Outsider.

0 Shatter – Rending of planet. An extra-solar body known simply as The Outsider tears through the system and the planet shatters into uncounted parts. The largest portions seem to be centered around collections of sentient societies.

10k cycles post shatter (cps) – Life returns to equilibrium aboard one particular shard of the previous planet, magic has bound the atmosphere to its surface and restrains the oceans from spilling over its edges.

20k-70k cps – The civilized people of Avalon suffer continuous war and environmental tragedy. Entire cities are burned to the ground or swallowed by the earth.

90k cps – It is clear that the beings that inhabit this land, though vastly varied in appearance and demeanor, are well matched and constructive agreements are reached across most civilizations.

100k cps – First Council of Animalia. Signing of the general non-aggression pact and standardization of language (Common) and time formats (Star (1-12), Moon (Black, White), Season(Water, Fire, Earth, Ice)).

Star 6 Black Ice 23 – Appearance and eruption of Moira. Corruption spreads in ash form. Dark glassy stones formed in the eruption have corrupting influence and spread evil across the land.

Star 1 White Earth 30 – Second Council of Animalia. A commission is prepared to encourage adventurous spirits to defend the land from evil.

Star 10 Black Water 31 – An ethereal chime is heard around the continent and that night, a group of friends take their first steps as adventurers. They don’t know it yet, but their names will become inscribed in the heart of the land itself.


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