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Core Ethos Sentence:
A dark shadow looms over the shard of Avalon; heroes rise, desperate to provide respite against the relentless tides of chaos.

Who are the heroes?
Adventurers from every race, social class, and walk of life prepare to sacrifice everything to give others a chance to live, a little personal glory sweetens the pot.

What do they do?
Empowered by the Adventurer’s Guild, a commission of the Animalian Council, heroes wage war against corrupted beasts, evil entities, and their own desires.

Threat, Conflicts, Villains:
The Black Rain is a constant threat morphing harmless wildlife into ferocious and bloodthirsty beasts.
The leadership of each race is united in a non-aggression pact signed at the Council of Animalia. However, they fight the temptation to take advantage of present circumstances and conquer their ancient enemies.
Looking for a reason behind their suffering, many point to the recently risen volcano, Moira, and its black chimney, as the source of their woes.

Nature of Magic:
The raw power of magic lures more than a fool to an early grave. Would you pay the cost? What of its effect on your friends and family? The town, your people?

What’s New? What’s Different?
Will the players find their purpose in an absurd world? Avalon is a death sentence, will you stand to face it?

Setting Search

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