Apelpisian Range

The great central mountain range of Avalon is curiously shaped and rumors abound that it is formed by the sleeping body of a dragon. A great divide between the east and west, it has always been difficult to transport goods and maintain relationships across such an expanse, generating the aura of distrust that penetrates the continent.


The dwarves have built their grand fortress, Courtwall upon the western face of the range. A massive ruined temple complex spreads across the north eastern face, the Shadowmaple has been ruined for centuries.

The maze-like network of tunnels and caverns that reside beneath the frozen range is collectively known as the Chaos Delve. Similarly rumored to be the veins and arteries of the sleeping dragon, these subterranean hollows play host to a veritable cornucopia of extra-dimensional sites and entities, crossed over through Chaos Rifts over the years. Surely an enterprising adventurer’s dream.

Apelpisian Range

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