Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurer’s guild dates back to before the Council of Animalia. The guild is an organization that supports the activities of those brave souls who wish to lend a hand in the relentless battle against the wild beasts and terrors of the land.


Adventuring is an important concept to all societies in the land. Each race may tell different myths about the origin of the world or explanations why their world is fraught with danger, but their greatest heroes are always the same. A stalwart band of folk, willing to risk it all to give others the chance to live. While, the Adventurer’s guild was officially founded at the signing of the Commission Against Darkness, the tradition of adventuring was already strong amongst all people. There are those who prefer the old ways, before regulations. But the new rank and intelligence systems have proven effective tools in the war with the wild.


The Adventurer’s guild maintains houses in every major city. They usually have a few spare beds and a notice board covered in bounties. These buildings are marked by the guild insignia, a kite shield marked with an “A”.
There are 5 levels within the guild. This helps to organizes parties according to skill level. The local guildmaster oversees all promotions and demotions depending on the party’s success or failure. Ranks are simply numbered 1 (low) to 5 (high) and signified by the shape of an adventurer’s guild token. A PC generally advances to the next rank every 5 levels. The token is a metallic badge shaped according to rank and stamped with the symbol of the initiating guildhouse. 1 (circle) 2 (bar) 3 (triangle) 4 (square) 5 (star)
The guild is fairly disorganized, with local guildhouses operating as they see fit. Information flows downhill and stories of dead adventurers linger in the night. The Council Steward travels the continent performing audits on guildhouses and generally keeps things running.

Faction name: Adventurer’s Guild
Brief description: Officially endorsed by the Council of Animalia. Generally operates on a bounty system.
Motto. Welcome to the party pal!
§ 1 anyone can be a hero, or at least a meat shield for real heroes
§ 2 we are the defenders of light and society
§ 3 Bounties are paid in gold upon proof of fulfillment
Goals. Vanguard civilization with a little gold and glory on the side.
Typical Quests.
§ Dungeon crawls
§ Escort quests
§ Rescue
Slay the Gorgon

Adventurer's Guild

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