The Deep Cult

When The Old Voice first breached the veil and appeared in Avalon, his portal was deep underwater. His first followers where a subspecies of merfolk that lived in the ocean depths. The Cult of the Deep crept through the merfolk culture, eventually spreading to land as the power-hungry headed the call. As a sacrificial cult, its members live under a strict vow of secrecy lest they are wiped out by the authorities of the land.

Since the eruption of Moira, The Old Voice has been able to quicken the spread of his influence and evidence of the cult’s activates are becoming more prominent.

The Cult manufactures and curses weapons with which to perform sacrifices to The Old Voice. They tend to be daggers with the attribute ‘of sacrifice’.

Faction name: Cult of the Deep
Brief description: The cursed followers of the old voice.
Motto. Mix the Blood, take the power!
§ 1 the world is better off ended
§ 2 the ends justify the means
§ 3 life is insignificant
Goals. Summon Koresmena and others
Typical Quests.
§ Collect sacrifices
Subfucate investigation efforts of rival organizations​

The Deep Cult

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