Council of Animalia

For 30 thousand years the people of Avalon fought and bickered, struggling to maintain their connection to valuable resources and defend themselves from the wild beasts of the land. Moderate climate change calmed the environment and stabilized the economy of many cities. This period of relative peace has lasted for 10 thousand years and the walls between folk are crumbling. About 100 thousand years after Avalon was separated from the rest of the planet, faction heads met to discuss their position in the land.

Calling together the First Animalian Council, a non-aggression pact was signed between the civilized races and thus began a new age of prosperity. The council developed standards for a common language, coinage, and time-keeping to further strengthen their budding fellowship. For 23 cycles, the people of Avalon felt hope. The harvest was plentiful, hunters always came home burdened with game, and immigration between cities brought economic boons to the region. These times were not to last.

On Star 6 of the Black Ice of that cycle, A cacophonous bellow shook the land and an acrid smoke shrouded the sky, choking the people. A great chimney had opened in the sea, the mountain Moira had made its move to the surface. Having lurked beneath the sea for millennia, the volcano spewed its noxious essence far and wide. Creatures coming into contact with the condensate of these dark clouds succumbed to violent urges, killing mercilessly anything in its path. The city of Rodentia was utterly destroyed after a tidal wave leveled the city, washing corrupting darkness over any survivors.

The land recoiled in terror as Moira spread its devilish substance. 7 long years of unspeakable horror before the factions could reconvene calling the Second Council of Animalia. Pooling what few valuables remained, the council commissioned the Adventurer’s Guild. A Steward was elected to maintain the operation of this newly founded organization and the various faction heads returned to protect their homes and spread the word of this new initiative.

The Council had spoken. They had placed our hopes for survival in the hands of any being who would heed the call to adventure. Who would stand and fight, rise up in the face of overwhelming odds and die Heroes?

Faction name: Council of Animalia
Brief description: Leaders of the civilized world met to sign a non-aggression pact, set a standard language, coin, and calendar, and assign a civil pendance to pay for the Adventurers Guild, Traveler’s Guild, and the Council Steward’s salary.
Motto. A united front in a new age.
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Council of Animalia

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