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  • City-States

    links to all the cities! [[Aelhurst]] [[Bardford]] [[Black Marsh]] [[Chrysopotis]] [[Cindrelon]] [[Courtwall]] [[Erlitus]] [[Fairsage City]] [[Haran]] [[Middlesbrough]] [[Molchi]] [[Nancledra]] [[Osttown]] [[Pella …

  • Apelpisian Range

    The great central mountain range of Avalon is curiously shaped and rumors abound that it is formed by the sleeping body of a dragon. A great divide between the east and west, it has always been difficult to transport goods and maintain relationships …

  • Chaos Delve

    [[File:630336 | class=media-item-align-right | 314x512px | speedpaint___assenders_by_antifan_real.jpg]]The Chaos Delve is a system of caves that wind through the central mountains. The veil between dimensions is especially thin down there. One should not …

  • The Reach

    Easily mistaken for the precipitous peak of the mountains in the far northeast of Avalon, The Reach rises high in the sky in a front to gravity itself. The years have worn down the castle's manicured lines to a more natural and decrepit state. No one has …

  • Ostcliff

    [[File:630334 | class=media-item-align-right | 417x1044px | 85a65abbb40af1622aa9d53441737823-d62zv6y.jpg]]

  • Silverwood

    [[File:630335 | class=media-item-align-center | 960x670px | arnaud-pheu-gianttrees.jpg]]

  • Grimtol Spire

    Faction name: Grimtol Spire Brief description: Magic tower above Pella's Wish. Study of other dimensions, their artifacts, and Chaos Rifts. Motto. Beliefs. § 1 § 2 § 3 Goals. Discover safe and reproducible chaos rift ritual. …

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