High Sage of Grimtol Spire


Zabixius is ancient and cultured in appearance, with scruffy white hair and soft brown eyes. He wears fine robes and wields a quarterstaff and dagger. Zabixius speaks with a whispery voice between puffs on a long-stemmed pipe..


Zabixius is the infamous ex-Grandmaster of the tower at Ostcliff. During his tenure at the magic institution, a failed experiment reanimated an undead horde, nearly wiping out the nearby towns. With much effort, the horde was eventually swayed allowing for the reopening of critical trade routes, however the bulk of the risen dead continue to haunt the ruins of Old Ashton.

Zabixius took responsibility for the catastrophe and relinquished his position at Ostcliff. Seeking to learn more about magical defenses and wards, he relocated to Pella’s Wish, taking up residency in one of the most advanced magical research institutions in the land, Grimtol Spire.


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