Chaos Priestess


Looking over the hedges into the garden that surrounds the Chaos Temple in Pella’s Wish, you see a collection of citizens and adherents performing various meditative exercises and gardening. Among them strolls the High Priestess Thrinhildr, providing support and insight to those who’ll listen.

Thrinhildr is exceptionally beautiful, with thick blonde hair and sharp brown eyes. She wears plain clothing and several pouches hang from her belt. Upon introduction, Thrinhildr greets you pleasantly and asks you to ignore the rumors you have heard about her.


“..unleashed some buried horror… killed the whole village…”

“I’ve heard The Chaos Priestess is a magical savant! Maybe she can bring Ilfen back?”

“…was just a pleasant priest, nice enough to take in that witch girl.”

“… joined that blasted cult 4 moons ago and hasn’t written to his worried mother once! That cursed bitch has him brainwashed I’m sure of it!”


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