Drowned Priestess


Koresmena is elegant in appearance, with snow white hair and a gentle manner. She wears tailored robes and several magical artifacts. Koresmena seeks to master the secrets of higher dimensions and free her people.


Once the sovereign leader of a proud warrior race, Koresmena brokered the deal that saved her people from extinction. Her entire civilization was repurposed in service of The Old Voice, allowed to exist at all due to the sacrifice of its leader and her elite soldiers.

Koresmena leads the skouro eisvoli (dark invasion), the first arrival. Wielding powerful magic and accompanied by the drowned phalanx, she infiltrates and eliminates the greatest threats a world might pose against her master.

Dusk Knight
These ebon-clad behemoths are the cornerstone of the drowned phalanx. Allowed free will by The Old Voice and empowered with weapons of darkness, the dusk knights provide security and serve as shock troops on critical missions.


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