Bryce Halfheart

Patient Zero


Bryce is a teenager with an adventurer’s spirit. He looks to follow in the footsteps of his grandmother, who was an adventurer and warrior of great renown. Courageous but inexperienced, the youth is a loyal friend that will selflessly protect those in need.


Infected with lycanthropy on his very first attempt at playing the heroic adventurer, young Bryce has unwittingly released a wererat epidemic through the underbelly of Pella’s Wish. He has witnessed the slaughter of his girlfriend, killed by adventurers on her very first transformation. His addled mind lost control of his new form leading to the murder of his father by his own hand.

Chased through the streets and finding refuge within the sewers, Bryce has found a new family in the pack of wererats that now inhabit the city. He never wanted to hurt anybody, but dark blood courses through his veins and the traumatic loss of his loved ones has pushed him over the edge of sanity.

Bryce Halfheart

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