Welcome to Avalon

The life of an adventurer is no walk in the park. While there is more than enough treasure for the brave, never underestimate the danger you will face on this path. This game can be characterized as a grim dark setting, where every turn in the road and creeping shadow harbors malignant intent towards our intrepid heroes and there is no hope to bring lasting peace to the land. The common folk living in Avalon find value in making the most of the cards they’re dealt; they find meaning in rebelling against the absurd violence apparent in the world. The secondary focal point to this game is exploration and character development. A variety of backdrops will be provided, provoking the players to make tough and meaningful decisions. Explore the shard of Avalon, uncover its mysteries, and defend the land from darkness! Player characters will greatly benefit by joining the Adventurer’s Guild, but otherwise are free to pursue their goals. What is the driving force behind your character and to what end do they strive? Avalon will swallow lonely souls whole, so find a party of fellow adventurer’s and watch each other’s back. good luck out there, you’ll need it!